Sunday, 23 November 2014

For A Special Friend

 Good Sunday morning all!  I have a really funny story to tell you about this card.  It was supposed to have been done as one of the videos for my second die release. I say "supposed to" because it never made it!  I filmed the videos the day after I returned to the UK last time and in my jet lagged haze, I began to weave the strip through the dies during the filming, no problem at first.  Once I reached halfway across, I could not work out how to do the other side, which is essentially the opposite of weaving through the dies in the first part.  My brain just would not or could not sort it out!  I just sat there and laughed at myself!  I have done these cards so many times that I usually can do them in my sleep, but I guess I needed more sleep for this one!  Long story short, we just couldn't salvage the video so it had to be abandoned!  Not to be beaten though, I did include a buckle style card in the videos that are starting next week!  You know what they say, you have to just get right back up on that horse! LOL   I did start with the background here, just embossing a piece of sort of tanzanite blue card (from my stash) with the Pinpoint Checkerboard embossing folder.  I cut the Vienna die in coconut white card and attached it to the centre of my background.  Next, I used the Salzburg die set and cut one large frame, and four medium frames.  I cut a matching solid backing for each of them out of the same blue card.  I cut a long strip of white card and wove it through the dies with the two outer frames turned horizontally.  I taped them into place from the back and added mounting foam along the strip.  I added it atop the Vienna die in the centre to create the buckle style for the card.  I stamped my sentiment in black on white card then cut it out with the French Collection tag.  I used Shaded Lilac distress ink before removing it from the die.  I added my sentiment with foam mounting tape in the centre of the card.  I tied a messy bow out of seam binding and added it to the side with white tulle and a white crystal sparkler in the centre.  I made two matching stick pins to complete the bow.  I  completed the card with a white mat, a thin blue mat and a final white mat.  On the inner white mat, I used the Cosmic Shimmer white PVA glue to create dots all the way around to frame the card.  The finished dimensions are 6 1/4" x  9 1/2" in size.  All for now, Sue x

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Just For You

 Hello my crafty friends!  What a week, huh!  Thank you so much for the fabulous comments and just the enormous amount of overall support.  I am truly blessed to be able to do what I love and the icing on the cake is to have you like it as well!  The videos for the new dies will start on Tuesday too, so hopefully there will be loads to inspire you for all the different die designs.  Today's card is basically a male version of the card that was on offer for the card giveaway on the 5th of Nov. (seen below)   One of the things that I try to do when designing dies is strike a balance between the masculine and the feminine on at least a few of the die sets. While I tend to like a more girlie sort of look in my dies, we do all need to make loads of cards for the men in our lives so, for me, a die that can pull off both a feminine look and a masculine look is ideal.  This Auvergne die fits the bill for that very nicely.  I have used it here with gilding flakes behind it instead of the Iced Snow used in the card on the 5th.  Take away the bow and you have a really nice card for the men in your lives.  While the gilding flakes do not tend to photograph incredibly well, you can see them better in the close ups.

I started with a piece of coconut white card and cut the Auvergne insert out of the top half of the card.  On the lower portion, I cut the Bevelled Glass Striplet insert.  I did not use the outside cutting edge of either one of these.  I cut the card on a paper cutter directly in the centre of the Striplet, then matched it up and glued it on top to make it half the width for a smaller border area.  I added mounting foam to the back of this piece to raise it for dimension.  On a piece of chestnut card, I added self adhesive sticky sheets to the area which corresponded to my die cut area.  I peeled the backing paper away and gilded it with Mulled Wine Gilding flakes.  I made a double frame using the outside cutting edges to the Auvergne die set and mounted foam on the back and added it over the insert cut out area.  I stamped my sentiment and cut it out with the French tag.  Before removing it from the die, I inked it with Tea Dye distress ink.  I mounted it with foam in the centre of the Auvergne insert area.   I finished the card with a wide white mat that I used Cosmic Shimmer white PVA glue to create dots around the edge.  A thin chestnut mat was added followed by a final white mat.  The finished dimensions are 7 3/4" x  8 1/4" in size.

There was not a card giveaway this week and there are no comment game winners this week either due to the die launch, however, don't forget to check back Monday afternoon for the winners of the dies to be posted!  All for now, Sue x

Friday, 21 November 2014

Finishing Touches Collection Trailing Ivy

Hello bloggers!  We have come to the very end of the blog die launch.  Last but certainly not least is this gorgeous Trailing Ivy die set.  There are two ivy dies here with a beautiful deboss vein feature in them.  They look so lifelike and I know that they will be a real go-to in your crafting arsenal as well.  For the last time, a reminder to leave a comment to be entered into the drawing to win this set.  You have a few more days to go back and leave a comment on all the die sets before  I do the drawings.  I will post the winners names on Monday Nov. 24th in the afternoon (a separate blog post) so don't forget to check back to see if your name was drawn!  I hope you have enjoyed seeing all the new dies and the videos for them will start on Tuesday the 25th.  All for now, Sue x

Finishing Touches Collection Camellia Complete Petal die set

Welcome back crafters!  As you have probably expected, this post is showcasing the Camellia Complete Petal die set.  Shown here is only one of the ways that you can use this very versatile die set, but it is so elegant.  There are a number of beautiful styles (and sizes) of flowers that can be made with this set. You are going to just love working with this set I know!  Leave a comment to be entered into this drawing.  The very last set of the blog launch goes live at 4pm today and you aren't going to want to miss it!  Hope to see you back very soon.  All for now, Sue x

Finishing Touches Collection Camellia Open Petals die set

Hello there!  The Open Petal Camellia die set is on offer for this post.  It looks absolutely amazing by itself, but will also pair up with the complete petal for even more striking looks.  I have used it here to enhance a wrap around my gatefold card (yes it is an actual card with an inside! LOL)  I hope you are enjoying the die posts and I would love your help getting the line out there so in every post, I have included a "Pin It" button at the bottom.  Please help me show off the line by pinning the cards or dies to your Pinterest boards, I would be over the moon to see that happen.  If you would like to be included in this drawing, please leave a comment.  Join us back here at 2pm for the next die release to be shown.  All for now, Sue x

Finishing Touches Collection Mosaic Leaves

Good morning crafters and welcome to day five of the blog die launch.  Today is the final day but it is packed full of some great dies for you to see.  Up first are the new Mosaic Leaves die.  These are whimsical in nature, but can be used with so many of your floral elements too.  They are easily nipped apart or you can use the smaller dies in the set to add just that extra bit to your cards.  If you would like a chance to win this set, just leave a comment here!  See you back here at 12 noon for the next die in the Finishing Touches range.  All for now, Sue x

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Striplet Collection Eternal Rings die set

Hello bloggers!  Believe it or not, this is a striplet, even though it looks like a background here!  The Eternal Rings striplet which is easily cut and lined up to cut again to create a lovely background.  I love that the flatback pearls fit so nicely in the intersections too!  This one you have seen on a few of the samples so far and if you have wondered about it, wonder no more!  You can see just how useful this die will be in your crafting arsenal, can't you?  This is the last post for today, but we will be starting day five (and our last day) tomorrow morning at 6am with our newest additions to the Finishing Touches range of our dies.  Don't forget to leave comments on any (and all) of the blog posts to be entered into those drawings to win.  All for now, Sue x

Striplet Collection Floral Meadow die set

Hi bloggers!  Introducing the gorgeous Floral Meadow striplet!  This is definitely one you have to see in person as it is just breathtaking.  You do need to emboss this one to get the full effect of those stunning flowers.  I have used the striplet here with gilding flakes, but there are so many uses for this one, you won't tire of playing with it!  It makes a beautiful wedding or anniversary card, doesn't it?  If you would like to have a chance at winning this one, just leave a comment on this post.  We will be back at 4pm for the final release of the day.   All for now, Sue x

Frames and Tags Collection Dainty Oval Frame

Hi crafters! Welcome back to the blog.  Here is the Dainty Oval Frame die set.  It just makes such a pretty statement!  I have used it here as a focal element, but you will see it used in so many other ways in the weeks to come, believe me, I was loving using it!  This die can be nipped apart in so many ways to use with other dies, it is very versatile.  Oh and did I mention, because they are smaller in size than the dies within the collections, they are also less expensive so easier for those budgets to stretch to, especially this time of year! Always a plus I think!   Don't forget to enter the drawings as you go along.  There are so many chances to win a die set (way better odds than the lottery! LOL)  I will be back at 2pm to show you the first of the two new striplets in the line. Completely different, but both so pretty and fun to use!  Hope to see you then.
Bloggers, if any of you are having to prove you are not a robot to leave a comment, you just need to ignore that and skip right over it and hit publish.  I have not put that on my blog, it is something directly from Blogger.  Do not even bother with it!  All for now, Sue x

Frames and Tags Dainty Rectangle Frame

Hello bloggers! Day four today but there are only four posts for you today (a bit of a breather for you!)  We do, however, have another new category called Frames and Tags.  I wanted to do a few smaller sets that I thought would be useful to work with the larger collections and if you wanted to make smaller cards even!  This is the Dainty Rectangle Frame here.  I have layered it up with another die in this category so you may need to have a peek at the packaging below to really see it.  I love that there are so many ways to use these dies and you will see more of them when you watch the videos coming along very soon.  Leave me a comment (you know the drill by now! LOL)  The next die set will be up at 12 noon, hope to catch you then!  All for now,
Sue x

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Gemini Collection Carina die set

Hello again!  Introducing Carina for your viewing pleasure!  I have used the die here for a pretty petticoat coat, so simple but elegant.  This set just beckons to be used in so many ways, wait until you see some of the videos as I used this one quite often!  Well, we have come to end of day three of the blog launch, do you have a favourite ( or favourites, hopefully) yet?  I would love to know.  Don't forget to leave a comment as I will do the drawing and post it on Monday afternoon.  There are 24 chances to win!  Day four starts bright and early at 6am tomorrow so don't forget to check the blog first thing!  All for now, Sue x

Gemini Collection Orion die set

Hi crafters!  Here is Orion!  If you have wondered about the names, they are named after constellations as Gemini was, not only, an astrological sign, it was also a constellation.  I have used this die going in both directions on this card for a unique look.  And who says a border always has to be horizontal, right?  I love the extra detail this set adds to the card.  Don't forget to leave a comment on each of the posts to be included in all the drawings.  Directions are on the right hand side of my blog if you are unsure of how to do it, it is very easy!  The last post for the day will be up at 6pm, last but not least!  All for now, Sue x